All our communication systems are just a helpless attempt to squareness of life. We use symbols to reduce the universe and creation to human size so that we can understand it and not go crazy.


There are 3 types of artists. Those who catalyze their inner chaos through art, those who reflect the zeitgeist and those who want to transmit positive energy to people. And of course, all of the mentioned united in one person.


Philosophy must take its start from a stumbling block, from a thinking restlessness, no matter whether this thinking is called astonishment, criticism or speculation.


Ella Lugin 

Multimedia Artist

Art Coach for TMF Artist Residency

Creative philosopher



The Work

Ella is fascinated by the sensuality inherent in nature, flowers and botany as well as human beings in their energetic spectrum. An extensive portfolio of fine art photography  has emerged during the last years. 

In July 2020 Ella Lugin begins a new creative phase. Inspired by new developments in software for animating videos, the artist succeeds in creating video art through which she expresses the philosophical level of her perception.


"I am fascinated by quantum science because it tries to explore the explicit details of the blueprint of life through the scientific and microscopic view. But what if this view splits up more and more and we never reach the final answer because we lose sight of the whole, by only examining the details? 

What holds the world together at its core? What creates the world? Why do we feel separated?

This questions have accompanied me since my childhood. The question is what 'the world' really is and whether we will ever understand it, even if we have found the last building block. Pretty sure, the knowledge of the creation code would (and already does) completely overstrain most of us. What would that mean for our life in this reality? I personally assume that this reality and all form is a single parable and all answers are already there.  We live with it every day and therefore do not recognize it.  Scientists are on the trail of the creation code and in a few years, nothing will be the same as it once was, on all levels of human existence. But one thing will always remain the same,- the longing to merge with the whole. Would we endure the act of fusion? The energetically oriented, meditative work explores the question of how we can open ourselves to the source energy so that the energy (wave) takes hold of us but does not destroy us mentally. But this is another big topic.

Through my art I try to break the habit of seeing in order to make the interaction of the elements visible in a philosophical way. To bring out the hidden elements of matter and to break up our linear view artistically, I use digital technology.

My approach to dealing with the basis of life and energy is artistic and not scientific. At the end of the day, what good is our headiness and purely intellectual approach to life if we are no longer able to feel the energy within ourselfs? Nature and energy are the cradle of our existence on this planet. Nature is grandiosely beautiful, energetic and indescribable and so is the human being. The question about the creators of this miracle is probably the oldest question of all and only what we can imagine to ask is always answered. Where we focus our attention, there the answer will be formed.

In order not to alienate us from ourselves through technology and our microscopic view on details, we need the poetic, light-filled and broken view on 'matter', which focuses on the center of everything.  Basically the appearance of creation is a single dance of elementary particles, which materializes through our focus, our wishes and ideas. I never tire of using my art to bring viewers into an enchanted view of the other reality."